4 Ways to Build Your Business Using Real Estate Marketing Tools

Posted by Rick on Feb 6th, 2008

4 Ways to Build Your Business Using Real Estate Marketing Tools

1. Using Direct Mail such as real estate postcards and/or real estate newsletters to advertise your services is the most cost-effective offline way to increase your listings and sales. Regularly mailing postcards or newsletters increases your familiarity, establishes your credibility and continually keeps your info in front of potential clients until they are ready to buy or sell. Experts recommend at least 8 mailings a year and found that 12 monthly mailings a year showed improved results. Remember that just 1 sale will more than likely cover a whole years worth of direct mail costs.

2. Almost just as important as sending out monthly postcards is sending out Just Listed Postcards and Just Sold Postcards. By sending these to the surrounding neighbors of your listing, you let them know that you’re active in their neighborhood. Also, sending them to past clients reminds them that you are still in the real estate business and getting results. You can also substitute a Just Listed/Just Sold Postcard as one of your monthly mailings.

3. Real Estate Calendars provide you with a great return for your marketing dollar. Your clients and prospects will keep them (usually on their refrigerator) for at least a year and sometimes longer. Also, the kitchen is the most trafficked room in the house, so your magnet will get a prime advertising locale.

4. While canvassing your farm neighborhoods, leave Door Hangers on the doors of those who aren’t home. It is recommended that you canvas your farm a minimum of at least twice a year, and doing it more often can only help your business. By using Door Hangers, you leave your information behind, they are guaranteed to get noticed, and it won’t cost you a dime in postage.

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