Developing Quality Lists for Real Estate Mailer Marketing

Posted by Rick on Feb 4th, 2014


Thinking of putting together a real estate mailer, i.e. a marketing newsletter, postcard or calendar?

Just like targeting the right buyers is important for selling a home, getting your contact list in order is essential for attracting the most qualified leads.

In fact, 50 percent of successful real estate mailing campaigns can be attributed to a well-researched, well-developed list.

Here’s how agents can prepare their mailing lists for big-time real estate marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Tips for Mailing Lists

  • Get Personal – Lists that include friends and family who know and trust you will deliver a return on investment that is 10 times greater than lists based on prospecting. Whenever you send a real estate mailer, make sure these people are included.
  • Know the Neighbors – If you decide to farm a neighborhood, be sure to select one with 7 percent or higher turn over (7 in every 100 homes sold per year).
  • Do Your Research – When farming, be sure to pull which agents listed homes sold in the past year, or drive around and look at the signs. If an agent has more than 75 percent of the listings, then select another area. Otherwise, if a few agents sell consistently in the neighborhood, consider it prime for farming.
  • Take Notes – When you are contacted by a new lead remember to ask how they heard about you. Keep a record of responses so that you can track the success of real estate mailers as part of your marketing plan.

Knowing the importance of personal contacts, farming principles, and reporting, you can assume that the performance of your real estate mailers will only be as good as the quality of your contact list. The more time you devote to its development, the better results you can expect.

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