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Posted by Rick on Nov 27th, 2007

The Home Tips Calendar is the newest addition to ReaMark’s 2008 real estate calendars line.  Much like our exclusive Recipe Calendars, Home Tips Calendars are tremendously popular, and we are receiving all kinds of great feedback from the many real estate professionals who are using them.  The great thing is that they are now also 20% OFF, so you can get the excellent marketing power of a calendar while saving some money. Calendars are such great marketing tools, because people find them useful and are more likely to hold onto them. Also, our new Home Tip Calendars feature useful tips for around the home that every homeowner will want to keep.

These tear-off monthly calendars have a useful tip like Energy Saving Upgrades, Staging Your Home to Sell, and Smart Kitchen Updates for each month. There are 13 months (December 2007 is included) so your clients and prospects will find them useful right away.  At the top of each calendar is an adhesive magnet that you can stick your business card to, so every time people use your calendars, they’ll remember your services. The magnet also has an additional pop-out magnet that is usable to magnetize another business card (makes great gifts at open houses).  Also, Home Tips Calendars ship within 2 business days, so you’ll have yours in your hands fast. To order your home tips real estate calendars , or for some FREE Samples visit or call (800) 932-2957.

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