The Viral Effect of Custom Notepads

Posted by Rick on Feb 28th, 2014

When you think of viral advertising, you probably think of Facebook memes or YouTube videos.

Here in the printing world, we have our own version of viral, and it comes in the form of customized notepads.

Realtor Note Pads with Custom Features

Create more sales opportunities with custom realtor notepads.

The custom notepad offers real estate agents a level of exposure that is easily repeatable, even as often as a day-to-day basis.

While this face time with potential clients is truly valuable, it’s the chance to connect with others that deepens the impact of custom notepads.

As the original notepad recipient scribbles a reminder, attaches it to a document, and sends it along, they help the agent’s personal information reach new audiences.

This effect multiplies as more people receive a customized real estate notepad.

The icing on the cake: notepads are perceived as useful to the client.

Where to Bring Customized Notepads

Do you have upcoming golf outings, trade shows, or fundraising events? Are you a sponsor at a conference or seminar? These are perfect opportunities to extend your reach with custom real estate notepads from the only company that does them!

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