Who Should You Be Mailing?

Posted by Rick on May 30th, 2012

Occasionally I talk to realtors who complain that they aren’t seeing fantastic results from their direct mail campaign, and the first question I always ask it, “Who are you mailing”. And every time I get practically the same answer, “a farm or prospecting list”. Before you spend a penny prospecting, you need to be mailing your friends, family, and past clients consistently. The top-producing agents know this and have a list of warm contacts, or their sphere of influence, of approximately 400 people. For realtors just starting off, your list may be smaller, 50 or 100 people. But your efforts will be best spent on growing this list overtime. People who know you and trust you are much more likely to call on you when they need to buy or sell.


The second question I ask these realtors is, “How often are you mailing and how long have you been doing it?” At ReaMark, our marketing specialists know that it takes consistent marketing over a time period of at least 6 months before you can really expect to see results. Research shows that approximately 8% of homeowners move each year. The likelihood of someone needing your services at the exact time they receive a single mailing from you is rather low. However, if you continue to market the same person, month after month, when they do have a real estate need, you will be the first person that they think of. Approximately 62% of Sellers will use the first realtor that they call. So it is imperative that you keep your name, face and telephone number in their reach month after month.


ReaMark makes keeping in touch with your sphere of influence easy and affordable. You could mail 100 of your past clients every month for an estimated cost of about 50¢ each. So for about $50 a month you can stay in contact and keep your name and face fresh in their memory to ensure they call you next time they need to buy or sell. Any lapses in marketing such as missed mailings, inconsistent or infrequent mailings could result in lost opportunities, lost business, and ultimately lost income!  For more marketing tips, to ask questions or place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 and visit our website at www.ReaMark.com.

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